When guests arrive, they’re often stressed and tired. They want a warm welcome, a pleasant room with excellent amenities and, above all, a good night’s sleep.

In an effort to help guests get the rest they need, some properties offer a selection of pillows, bedtime snacks, earplugs or even essential oils. While these strategies help alleviate some causes of sleeplessness, most travelers identify noise as their number one sleep inhibitor.

The most commonly cited culprits are people talking in rooms or hallways, watching television, slamming doors or partying. Issues also arise from alarm clocks, ice machines, elevators, construction projects, mechanical and plumbing equipment. Some properties are located beneath a major air route or next to a freeway. Others are near popular nightclubs, or host one.

Whatever the source, noise disrupts guests’ sleep. They have trouble dropping off, toss and turn and awaken at all hours. Instead of waking refreshed, they feel irritable and moody. Sleep deprived business travelers are unable to focus on the day’s tasks.

Though noise creates such an unpleasant experience, a large percentage of unhappy customers never lodge a complaint. They simply take their business elsewhere and tell others about their dissatisfactory experience. If they post their review on a popular travel website, a property can quickly develop a reputation for being noisy.

Today’s consumers are inundated with choices for accommodation, so it’s important to exceed their expectations. One way is to offer in-room noise control using a commercial grade sound masking system.