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Sales professionals are the dealership’s first line of contact with customers. They demonstrate the vehicle’s features, negotiate the price and final terms of a lease or sale, and explain aftermarket services. Their success – and, consequently, the dealer’s – depends on their ability to win customers’ trust and respect.

Open plan environments provide a welcoming atmosphere well-suited to showcasing new models. However, they can also compromise other features that are of value during the sales process, such as speech privacy and acoustic comfort.

Customers want to have control over their personal information. They expect conversations concerning insurance, financing and leasing to remain private.

This level of protection is also indispensable for sales professionals to negotiate effectively and close the sale when other visitors are present.

Though these discussions can take place in closed offices, doors and even slab-to-slab walls are usually not enough to ensure speech privacy as even minor penetrations in a wall’s structure can substantially reduce its effectiveness. In any case, sales professionals spend the majority of their time in the showroom. Individual offices are a rarity or not built to high performance standards.

Noise can also be a problem. Because it’s disruptive, it can affect mood, making people feel anxious, irritable and tired. Sales professionals need to be welcoming and energetic if they’re to offer the quality of service customers expect. Taking steps to create a positive acoustic environment can benefit staff, customers and the dealership.